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Christopher Hogan's Racing Bio

Christopher Hogan
#81 Pro-Modified

Racing Bio
Christopher Robin Hogan
Age:  18
Age when first started Racing: 5, raced Quarter Midgets.
Car number: #81
Introduced to Sport by: Mom & Dad
Type of car raced: Quarter Midget, Bandolero, Legend, Legacy.
Tracks raced on:  5 Flags Speedway (Pensacola Florida), Texas Motor Speedway 1/4 Mile, Little Texas, Houston Motorsports Park, Gator Speedway (Willis TX), Bronco Speedway (Cleveland, TX), Gulf Coast Speedway (Alvin, TX), Red River Speedway(Wichita Falls, TX),  Thunderhill Speedway(Kyle, TX), Monroe Motor Speedway(Monroe, LA), Kentucky Speedway(Sunny South Raceway, Grand Bay, Al), LSQMA(San Antonio, TX), RCQMA(Austin, TX), TQMA(Tulsa, OK), VSQMA(Phoenix, AZ), and TKQMA(Topeka, Kansas). 
Favorite Track: 5 Flags Speedway Pensacola Florida
Ambition & Goals:   To race my Pro-Modified at tracks all over Texas and the Gulf Coast and eventually move up to Late Models and NASCAR. 
Sponsors: Bottom Line Billing & Collections, SouthBay Partners, Inc., Jett Jones Energy 
Accident History:   I rarely wreck myself, I usually get wrecked, but I did flip my Quarter Midget.  The first time was scary, but I soon realized that I was not hurt and it gave me confidence in the safety of the car.  I broke my leg once when I crashed into the wall while practicing with my sister in my Quarter Midget.  Never had a fire.
Motivation to race: It's my passion.
Racing heroes: Dale Earnhardt Sr., Dale Earnhardt Jr, Tony Stewart, and my big sister Kaitlyn.

Personal Profile
Activities outside of racing: I am very active in academics.  I am the President of the National Honor Society at Alvin High School and will graduste as Validictorian in 2018.  I love to read and work on my race cars with my Father. I also work to pay for my racing.  
Favorite Color(s): Blue and Red
Achievements: Ranked #1 in my Senior class at Alvin High School and being accepted by Texas A&M into their Engineering program
Favorite Food(s): Pizza & Steak
Favorite Movie: Days of Thunder, Talledega Nights, Vacation


"You win some, you lose some, and you wreck some." - Dale Earnhardt, Sr.