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Kaitlyn Hogan's Racing Bio

Kaitlyn Colleen Hogan #85
2013 NASCAR Banquet
The NASCAR Timing and Scoring Clan
Racing Bio
Name:  Kaitlyn Hogan, Timing & Scoring Official, NASCAR
Car Number:  #85
Age when started racing:  12
Introduced to racing by: 
Mother & Father 
Tracks raced on:  Houston Motorsports Park, 
Quarter Midget tracks in San Antonio, Tx, Austin, TX, Tulsa, OK, Topeka, KS, Phoenix, AZ.
Favorite Track: 
Houston Motorsports Park
I want to continue racing locally in any type a car I can get into, lol.
Sponsors:  Bottom Line Billing & Collections
Accident History:  
Flipped my Quarter Midget.  Very shocking, yet fun.  No major injuries, just bruises.  
Why I race: 
It is my passion.  I can't imagine life without racing.  
Fastest line to run on the track: 
High on the walls and low in the corners.  Almost touching what my Daddy and Bob McCall call the "turtles".  They call it "tickling the turtles".
Racing heroes:  My idol has always been Kasey Kahne, but my hero is Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Personal Profile
Activities outside of racing:   Reading, swimming, listening to music, and being with my friends.
Do well in school and racing and hopefully go to work for a company in the racing industry.
Favorite Colors: 
Purple, Green, Blue, Black
Favorite Food:
No favorite in particular.
Favorite Movies: 
Pirates of the Caribbean

Favorite quote: 

"You've just been beaten by a GIRL!!!!!" - Anonymous